Thursday, May 21, 2009

blogg with ad

hey! i know its weird and not relly kool for adds on my blogg but im working on earning money for my NIKON D300 so could everyone do me a solid and click on the adds? caus it would help me out alote! 

also i just wanted to give a shout out about the photographs from Impact; they are up and ready to buy also if you want to buy a whole CD of the photographed event (all pics taken. video a lil extra charge) then email me at ill give you a price and if there is a specific photo you want tell me and i will double check to see its their...

have a wonderfull night sweet dreams


ok so im working on project and i need all the help i can get...i know everyone has a talent of there own and i want to know! i want to help you in a way i dont think anyone has before. i will tell you the project in confident email so email me at so we can chat i will tell you and you can say yes or no its vvery simple and fun so dont miss out! plus this offer does not end so please comment or email (email me, comment if you want but ill reply in email) so pleaz ineed your talent! (im not being greedy but its an awsome oppertunity) 

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ALRIGHTY the photographs are up and on smugmug

so if you also want to buy the whole cd of orlandos event then email me at and i will give you the price and all the details.

if you onley want a certain pics then i can find them and put them on the cd for you for the same price as the entire event.

sorry...for...having you wait so long. but hey! there up now so go check it out!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Orlando's Impact Photos

OK...........i have getting alot of "when are the photos going to be put up" and "where are they pics alura?" 
so i decided that once all the photos are up i would tell everyone...witch i am kinda because there not up yet but withing this week (today is wensday may 20) i will have them up. so anymore Q's can email me at
well then ill get back to ya soon! have a wonderfull and shiny sunny day!

(P.S. its raining and has been raining here in reddick fl, all week)

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Alura Law (the teen photographer)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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check out my web site where you can see the photographs of the past to events that i went to "cash in a flash" & "impact"


I have always wanted to be a photographer. I have known this sense i was at least 6-7 yrs old. When i looked at Paintings, and Photographs, i have always looked at every detail and angle that they painted or took the photographs from different light perceptions. For my 9th birthday i got my first digital camera a Vivitar Vivicam 3750 . It drove my friends and family crazy because every where i go i would take photos of everyone and everything! for once being the one behind the camera felt so nice. once my camera broke and died, i did not have a camera for about 2 1/2 years, i used my mothers camera. then once hers broke my birthday was coming up so i got a new digital camera, the original Nikon CoolPix. life lit up and i was always taking pics of the scenery and portraits of my family, friends, and their pets. Photography is was so much fun but through the 2 years of not having a camera, i learned to do digital design. Now i am able to take photographs and edit them to look perfect.