Thursday, May 21, 2009

blogg with ad

hey! i know its weird and not relly kool for adds on my blogg but im working on earning money for my NIKON D300 so could everyone do me a solid and click on the adds? caus it would help me out alote! 

also i just wanted to give a shout out about the photographs from Impact; they are up and ready to buy also if you want to buy a whole CD of the photographed event (all pics taken. video a lil extra charge) then email me at ill give you a price and if there is a specific photo you want tell me and i will double check to see its their...

have a wonderfull night sweet dreams

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  1. Hey you! How's my favorite "neice"?? I'm having a very busy summer. Lots of work to do before August 21st deadline for CIAF. Miss you and the fam a lot. Talk sooner! JF